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Shiro Kasamatsu

(Item: JAMES5)
Shiro Kasamatsu, (1898-1991), "Nikko Yomei Gate in Snow", (1952), Beautiful wintertime snow/temple image by Kasamatsu titled, "Nikko Yomeinon no Yuki" dated "Showa 27" (1952). Print bears Unsodo's Publisher's rectangular seal in left margin along with the carver/printer seals of Nagashima/Nimi. Print itself is undated, however Dr. Andreas Grund's superb reference lists print (#U-02) as being first carved and printed in "Showa 27" of 1952. Additionaly, Nagashima (carver) is known to have worked for Unsodo during the late 1940's/early 50's and Niimi is currently in his 90's and has long since stopped working. Also bears "Gei" watermark. Excellent Condition, (bears "kento cut" an aid in the printing process ensuring perfect alignment and "registration" of the many various woodblocks used during the printing of each color.) Image Size: 9 1/2" X 14 1/4".

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