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Renee Reed Painting


Renee Reed's vibrant abstract acrylic paintings combine her love of color with her passion for the mystic symbols of ancient civilizations.

Such inspiration is derived from her extensive travels to sites steeped in mystic history, including tombs, ruins, temples and ancient cities in Peru, Nepal, Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Renee weaves ancient myths, symbols, rituals and legends into her abstract paintings as a reminder that rituals are as much a part of contemporary life as they were in ancestral times. "I work mostly in acrylic on both canvas and handmade paper, and sometimes incorporate collage. My process evolves in the method of applying many layers of paint, mirroring the layers of civilization."

Renee is a longtime resident of Tulsa who studied art formally at the University of Tulsa. She further refined her artistic techniques and talent under the guidance of numerous renowned painters.

Renee has exhibited internationally in dozens of solo and group shows since 1991. She is also active in many art organizations.( taken from her web site)

Artwork measures 22 inches by 30 inches. Acrylic

Price: $250.00
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