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Luigi Lucioni Etching

(Item: LUIGI3)
LUIGI LUCIONI, Etching, Pencil Signed and Inscribed by Artist..

The best introduction to an understanding of Lucioni's art is his own statement of his aims: "I admire fantasy in art, but realizing that it is not inmy make-up I try more and more to create reality with the simplest means and with all essential detail. But I feel that all this should be part of a design, which I believe every canvas must primarily possess." His etchings illustrate this point of view, exemplifies, too the lengths to which he carries his almost photographic realism. The scene is the Vermont highland area he never tires of painting, with its splendid mountains, noble trees, straggling roads, and hidden farms.

Lucioni was born inMalnate, Italy, on November 4, 1900. After his family came to America, he entered the night art classes at Cooper Union. He remained there four years, and an equal period at the National Academy of Design. His career has been brilliant. He has received variou awards, and is well represented both in public and private collections throughout the country.

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