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Max Papart Etching

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Max Papart (1911~1995)French.

Rare Etching with Aquatint and Carborundum. Also embossed. It is shown in full color on page 20 of the book "Max papart,Graveur" by Stig Johansson, Published by Galerie International, Stockhom,Sweden 1977.

W. 22.25"x H.29.5".Title;Indiana.Framed. Pencil Signed and numbered. Engraved on Velin de Arches paper and in Very good condition with bright colors.

Max Papart is considered the last of the color masters of the school of Paris in the 20th century and probably it's best printmaker.Born in Marseille,he moved to Paris in 1936,where he learned to make woodcuts,Litho's,serigraghs and ,foremost classic engravings.In 1960, together with Joan Miro,he began to experiment with a technique of classic etching developed by a common friend ,Henri Goetz, which made use of carborundum,a powdery hard quasi-ceramic material of extraordinary strenth that can be "painted"on the plate,producing remarkable textures ans three dimensional effects upon printing. He later taught painting,composition,and printmaking at the University of paris VIII-Vincennes.

Papart created a series of aquaprints known as "Masterprints". The difficulty of creating such works ofte took from six monthes to a year just to etch plates and then another six monthes aws needed to print the edition one at a time'Each plate was hand inked for each piece of paper, to create editions of 50 to 100 prints;printmaking that is "50 years behind the times".Printmaking that young generations of artists do not know and are unable to undertake.

Papart received mant awards. His works can be found in countless collections, including The Victoria and Albert Museum,London, the Musee d Art Moderne,Paris, Yale,New Haven and others.

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