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Zona Wheeler Lithograph

(Item: JVDW11)
Zona Wheeler.Farm Scene. 12"x 6". Framed and matted. In 1934, Zona moved to Wichita seeking employment in the art field. Her first job was under the direction of C.A.Seward at the Western Lithograph Company. She was hired by Grit Printing Company and started the art department for the firm. Zona remained with Grit Printing until early in the summer of 1943 when she accepted a position in the art departmentof the printing firm of McCormick Armstrong which bought out Grit. She was the first woman artist to ever work at McCormick. This was in the war years and her principal duty was to layout the "Beech Log," an employee publication for Beech Aircraft Corporation. Zona became Assistant Art Director of the Art Department at McCormick Armstrong in 1968 and by 1972 was Senior Art Director of the Department. Her design work at McCormick received national and international awards. In 1970 she was also honored by the Distinguished Alumni Award of Merit from Bethany College for her service to humanity and contribution of creativity in the arts. In 1979 Zona opened her independent studio, the "Third Dimension Studio," where she created abstract art and did sculptural work on commission and for exhibitions. She stated, "The third dimension as I apply it is in both my work with fine arts and advertising design." Her studio work received recognition and awards in one man, juried and group fine art shows nationally and internationally.

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