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Vietnamese Pottery 15th Cen.

(Item: JVDVIET1)
Hoi An Hoard Set of Four Rice bowls. 6" Diameter. 5" high. Beautiful Condition. The pottery is from the wreck of a Thai vessel lost in the South China Sea in the mid to late 1400ís. The ship sunk in 70 meters of water near the port of Hoi An Salvaged during the summers of 1998 Ė 1999 this find, known as the Hoi An Hoard, constitutes a major contribution to the history of Asian ceramics. The ware is presumed to have its origin in Vietnamís Red River Delta at the kilns of Hai Duong. The 14th and 15th centuries mark an apex in Vietnamese culture. During this period, Vietnam replaced China as the predominant exporter of glazed ceramics to South East Asia. These salvaged pieces reflect the aesthetic sensibility and the culture of medieval Vietnam.

Price: $450.00
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