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Raizai Zen 1892

Raizai Zen collection printed in Meiji 27(1892)and is a Compilation of various pieces by or relating to Sengai ,who from his having recieved a miraculous image of Kannon was called Fumon Enzu or Enzu zenji. He was noted as an artist especially in black ink drawings. He was from Shinano Province ,but later moved to Shofukuji Temple in Hakata. He died in the eighth year of the Tempo era(1837) at the age of eighty seven. The first picture, the Zen Master sitting in the chair is of him and says "The true likeness of the Zen Master Fumon Enzu". It contains an account of the manifestation of Kannon. There are various pictures of Lao-tzu and Fudo Myoo and so on. Important and Rare. Condition is excellent, with one minor water mark.

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