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Miyao Shigeo

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Miyao Shigeo(1902~1983) Ca.1930. 6 1/2" x 6". Manga .Matted. There is nothing corresponding to historical drama in the prewar predecessors of contemporary manga. More typical of the Taisho period (1912-1926) were humorous children's manga like Miyao Shigeo's Dango Kushisuke Manyuki ("The Adventures of Dango Kushisuke"), the protagonist of which is named after round mochi balls on a skewer. In the prewar years of the Showa period (1926-1945) wildly popular works like Tagawa Suiho's Norakuro Nitohei ( "Canine Private Norakuro") and Shimada Keizo's Boken Dankichi ("The Adventures of Dankichi") were both marked by the militaristic atmosphere of the time but neither was set in the age of the samurai. For seven years after Japan's defeat in the Second World War no manga emerged which dealt with historical themes. These same years also saw the disappearance of the battlefield dramas which had been so popular during the war. This was a result of restrictions on freedom of speech imposed by the Allied (mostly American) Occupation forbidding the production and distribution of novels, dramas, films, and manga dealing with samurai, martial arts, or the Japanese military. The ostensible purpose behind these restrictions was to prevent the resurgence of militaristic sentiments. The implementation of the San Francisco Peace Accord in 1952 brought an end to these restrictions and Japanese were once more free to enjoy historical and wartime dramas.

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