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Sadanobu Hasegawa III

(Item: JAMES13)
Sadanobu Hasegawa III (1881~1963) Well Known for his series of prints of "maiko"(geishas in training). The print is that of "Act 7"from the well known Japanese novel "Soga Brothers Revenge". Circa 1950. Great image,highly detailed and very well printed. Nice gradation of color(bokashi)used throughout the print,but especially to the lower sky ,umbrella, and wall. Rock wall is also heavely "gauffraged"(embossed,"blind-printed") top to bottom adding real texture to print. Finnaly ,overprinted with a final layer of thick white pigment as falling snowflakes. Colors are bold and bright.Excellent condition. 9 3/4"x 11". Matted

Price: $275.00
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