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Thora - French Impressionist Oil Painting

(Item: THORA)
THORA, Titled: "Bar Du Grand Lafayette", Oil on Board, Signed & Dated 1954, Image Size: 19" X 22" Framed. True Impressionist. Thora Maria Theresia Alexandra, Baronne Klinckowstrom (1899-1995)- Thora - was an artist and sculptor and artist model during most of the 20th Century. Married to one of Matisse's students, Nils Dardel, in 1922. Thora was part of a group of artist in Paris that included, Picasso, Gris, Braque, Pascin and Modigliani. She was memorialized in a well know Modigliani painting "Thora.". She divorced Dardel in 1934 but continued her own artwork through the remainder of the century.

Price: $1250.00
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