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Joe Waano Gano Watercolor

Joe Waano-Gano (1906~2000)Los Angeles painter, Cherokee Indian. Waano-Gano, which means "bow-arrow", studied with Christian von Schneidau in the 1920s. He specialized in Native American scenes and California landscapes. He exhibited throughout the 1930s-40s at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, Los Angeles City Hall, and in Chicago. He lectured on Indian life and designed Indian motifs for textiles. His work is in the collections of the Los Angeles General Hospital, Sherman Indian Institute, Western Airlines offices, and Gardena High School. Born in Salt Lake City in 1906, Served his country in WWII (Air Force) Died 1982 One of the things that makes Joseph Wanno-Ganos works so unique and prized is the effort put into so many of his works as the re-learning of actually forcing his hands and fingers to work after a car accident in 1961 Just a few of Wanno-Ganos honors include Baltimore Annual, Hermosa Beach, Ca. Best Picture to Live With Award 1952, CCP Hall of Fame, Indian Section, California International Flower Show Art Exhibition Chairman 1958, Honor Roll of the Greastest living Indians 1933. Image 12"x 14". Framed

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