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Jim Rabby Oil Painting

(Item: JVDPT21)
Jim Rabby is a consummate painter, whose work cuts across all boundaries, with intertwining color, movement and texture. His paintings reflect the sensitive, yet expansive philosophy he infuses not only in his work, but in everyone with whom he comes in contact. Painting since the tender age of 13, Jim Rabby has spent more than 40 years with brush and palette knife in his hands. He uses these tools to let his spirit, and yours, soar through art. His works have captured the attention of world-class art aficionados - Texas millionaire and art buff H. L. Hunt, former Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid, famed heart surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley, billionaire Ross Perot, tennis greats Jimmy Connors and Rod Laver, entertainer extraordinaire Johnny Carson and former U.S. President Lyndon Johnson. His paintings hang in the corporate collections of IBM, The Tenneco Company, Exxon, General Motors and Coca Cola. At once outrageous, insightful, playful, thoughtful, creative, passionate and charming, it is no wonder Jim Rabby has captured the hearts of collectors throughout the world. Jim lives as he paints - with gusto and aliveness - and it is a continual wonderment about the world that gives him his inspiration. It is a reflection of his incredible excitement about being alive that gives rise to what have become known as Rabby-isms: "Creativity is a vehicle of curiosity." "I hang out with great curiosity in the moment, and the song sings me." "The intimacy of uninhibited expression." "I move forward like a dolphin on a freight train." "I have great fun being me." Jim Rabby is a native of Houston, Texas, and now makes his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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