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Islamic Glass 12th Century

(Item: JVDIG1)
12th Century ISLAMIC "MOLAR" CARVED Glass RARE and worthy of any collection of Islamic Art, this fine CARVED glass miniature bottle dates to the 12 th century. This dating is absolutely guaranteed. Check it out, look it up in any Sotheby London catalogue. Similar glass pieces have sold for $2000/ $3000 in the not too distant past. This piece was cast in a single solid BLOCK of glass and then CARVED both in and out to produce this very special shape that was very meaningful to 12 th Islamic Culture. It has a wonderful "Tiffany" type iridescence; in ancient times it might have held perfume for a beautiful lady. It certainly was an expensive commodity at its time as it represented many days of work. 12 th century, probably Persian. Not to be missed by any Islamic Art collector, Glass collectors and antiquities collectors. Size: 2 1/ 4 inches high (56mm).

Price: $650.00
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