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Grateful Dead Lithograph Mouse

(Item: JVDGD2)
Skull and Roses. Pencil signed with One of a kind Jerry Drawing. Framed and matted. Stanley Mouse has forever changed the course of graphic design with his famous 60's poster lettering and album cover art for some of the most famous bands in Rock & Roll history such as the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Journey, the Steve Miller Band and the Grateful Dead. "One of the great things about San Francisco in the '60’s was walking down the street, and looking up and seeing these amazing posters by Stanley Mouse, Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley, Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso and David Singer. The posters looked like what we were playing. They were an open call to come and have fun, which is what we were all about anyway. The posters didn’t just announce the concerts, they resonated with the style of the times, and described visually what the Grateful Dead, Big Brother, Quicksilver and the Airplane were doing at the Fillmore and the Avalon the following nights." "Remember those days? There were no radio spots, no newspaper ads. We spread the word by posters. And Stanley Mouse’s posters were everywhere, instantly capturing the imagination. Once people saw the posters, the buzz took hold." "Stanley Mouse took fragments of the popular culture and reworked them in his own unique style. He transmogrified them. As Joseph Campbell said, "You can’t have creativity unless you leave behind the bounded, the fixed, all the rules. Myths must be kept alive. The people who keep it alive are artists of one kind or another. The function of the artist is the mythologization of the environment of the world." "Zig Zag man, the subject of one of Stanley’s first posters, become part of our mythology when he put it on the wall. He became a symbol of the interesting and exciting subculture that was emerging at the edge of the western world in San Francisco. Stanley’s poster the Zig Zag man came to life." "The Grateful Dead took it from here, from there, from whole worlds of music. We were operating in a new territory that was outside the standard fare of the day. Stanley did the same thing on paper, and now you can hold it in your hands. Enjoy the journey." Mickey Hart The art of Stanley Mouse has been exhibited in prestigious museums such as the S F Museum of Modern Art, the Boston Museum, the National Museum of American Art, the Tokyo Museum and the Rock & Roll Museum of Cleveland. Now under special arrangement with S2 Art group, he is creating a spectacular series of signed limited-edition lithographs of his best work.

Price: $1200.00
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