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James W.Taylor Jr. 1902~?. Listed South Bend Indiana Artist. WPA Era. W. 19 1/2 x H.15 1/2. 22 Ct. and Maple frame. Signed and dated 1941. Mr. Taylor's exhibiits include: the Hoosier Salon, The Chicago Art Institute and The Field Museum of Natural History.I recently spoke with a family freind about Jim and here's what she said,"My parents and the Taylors were the closest of friends in the 50's and 60's. Jimmy was one of those unforgettable characters that lived life exactly as he chose- quite a partyier and fun person. He hung around the upper crust South Bend society (Studebaker family, etc.) but never was in the least snobby- quite to the contrary favoring tee-shirts. He owned a highly successful ad agency that had manyof the South Bend/ Elkhart corporate accounts. The painting was his hobby and he was fairly prolific. He also did a lot of photography - mostly of birds in northern Michigan and the Indy 500. Again he took tons of excellent black and white photos. My memory of their home was that Jimmy had taken over several bedrooms and a huge garage for his paintings and photographs and they were stacked deep. Jim died about 10-15 years ago. My mother who is 85 could provide a lot more details but all of the other South Bend friends have passed away. Jim's only child is a daughter named Rachel Taylor, who would be in her 70's . She was a minor actress and perhaps, more notably,Jason Robards' second wife. As best I know, she still lives on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. After his first wife died, Jim remarried and his widow, who was quite a bit younger, still lives in South Bend. Her name is xxxxx Taylor. She was crazy about Jimmy and would probably love to talk about him and his art."

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