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Hans Hofmann Watercolor(Large)

Hans Hofmann 1880~1966 New York,N.Y.

1956 Original Watercolor - W.28"x H.36"

Gallery Framed. Colors vivid. Archer Paper.Indian Ink. This artist is considered the father of American abstract art. Compositions, landscapes, still lifes, abstracts, and sculptor. Born in Germany. Very influential art teacher. Founded "Hofmann Art School"in Munich and New York, and taught in California and of course his school in Provincetown,Rhode Island which he opened in the summer of 1935 and closed to paint full time in 1958.This painting Comes from that great period.A friend of Delaunay, Picasso, and Braque. Also associated with Bauhaus. Very well listed in all the major Art references.The provenance of this painting is that it was bought from a Mitch Carlson in Newport Beach California. Mr. Carlson was selling off his fathers estate. His father had known Hofmann. Please check Falks book on artist signatures,where you can find the same unusual signature among others.

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