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Takeji Asano

(Item: JAMES10)
TAKEJI ASANO, (1900-??), Beautiful snow scene titled in both Japanese kanji (left margin) as "Iwashimizu Hachimangu Yuki" and in English at bottom as "Snow in Iwashimizu-Hachiman Shrine, Kyoto." Asano, who also excelled as a carver, is known for having produced several series of prints depicting the Kyoto area of Japan. Bears artist's signature of "Takaji ga" lower right corner of image. Print bears Unsodo's Publisher's rectangular seal in right margin along with the carver/printer seals of Okura/Shinmi. Print itself is undated, however Okura (carver) is known to have worked for Unsodo during the 1950's. Also bears "Gei" watermark ("gei" is the first kanji character of the Unsodo Publishers name, "Un-so-do," which is selled "gei" if alone in the upper left corner. Clearly printed on older, hand-made paper....circa 1950's. Image measures 9 1/2" X 14 1/4".

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